Day 144: Micro-Gains-Update +0,01 GBP & 5 Euro voucher

Last week at least something happened. On Sunday the 13th I got a 5 Euro voucher for participating in a survey some months ago.

As it is no real money of course it is not being counted as gains. But I could either buy something and try to resell it, which would be quite complicated at the moment as I am in England and the voucher is for the German shop. Or I see what Kindle ebooks there are about finances, money and fortune building and perhaps write a review.


Any other ideas?



Oh, and today I also found another one penny piece at the bottom end of the metro escalator. Quite a lot of people seem to lose their money on their way down and either don’t notice or ignore it and they’re all collected by the escalator at its bottom end.

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