Day 116: Micro-Gains-Update +0,03 GBP

Found another 3 pences. This time on the floor in a university building near a litter bin.

Brits certainly got to much money as they keep on throwing it around everywhere. ;)


My cold is finally getting better and I try to keep at least one day at the weekend free for all the things that accumulated over the past weeks like writing, updating the software/plugins and all the other stuff which needs to be done regularly.


And I finally got my first non-spam blog comment.

Let’s welcome another contender “Oneg” in the 1000er challenge.
I’ll set up a link to his blog when doing the updating stuff.

And keep on commenting.

That’s highly encouraging to write more, you know.


PS: I also had a big fail in my attemps of earning money as a referrer which certainly cost me some money. Thanks to fuc*ingWordpress.

I’ll tell you what happened in one of the next times.

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