Day 150: Micro-Gains-Update +0,01 GBP

And another Penny waited to be found by me. This time just on the ground on my way to uni.

Absolutely unspectecular and almost not worth a notice or a blog entry. But as nothing else is happening …


By the way I now already got 17p just by keepig an eye open and collect the pennies others are to lazy to pick up.

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Day 144: Micro-Gains-Update +0,01 GBP & 5 Euro voucher

Last week at least something happened. On Sunday the 13th I got a 5 Euro voucher for participating in a survey some months ago.

As it is no real money of course it is not being counted as gains. But I could either buy something and try to resell it, which would be quite complicated at the moment as I am in England and the voucher is for the German shop. Or I see what Kindle ebooks there are about finances, money and fortune building and perhaps write a review.


Any other ideas? Read the rest of this entry »

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Day 116: Micro-Gains-Update +0,03 GBP

Found another 3 pences. This time on the floor in a university building near a litter bin.

Brits certainly got to much money as they keep on throwing it around everywhere. ;)


My cold is finally getting better and I try to keep at least one day at the weekend free for all the things that accumulated over the past weeks like writing, updating the software/plugins and all the other stuff which needs to be done regularly.


And I finally got my first non-spam blog comment.

Let’s welcome another contender “Oneg” in the 1000er challenge.
I’ll set up a link to his blog when doing the updating stuff.

And keep on commenting.

That’s highly encouraging to write more, you know.


PS: I also had a big fail in my attemps of earning money as a referrer which certainly cost me some money. Thanks to fuc*ingWordpress.

I’ll tell you what happened in one of the next times.

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Day 111: Micro-Gains-Update +0,01 GBP

Okay, I certainly need to say sorry, as I promised you a teaser soon.
As everyone around is sneezing and coughing I managed to catch that damn cold too.
Everything takes longer then expected as I’m also a bit busy with organisatorial stuff, mainly collecting and filling in paperwork I have to send back to Germany.
So writing for the challenge sadly got the least priority at the moment.

Anyway I found anouther 1 pence piece at the Metro escalators on my way back home from university

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Day 103: Micro-Gains-Update

I know, again not what you’re all waiting for. But it’s just to much to do to write a proper article. Probably there’ll be more then just one as the topic is to huge. A first teaser will be out soon.

But anyway. I found again a 5p coin on my way back home from last night. There I’am now with already 10 pences for no work or anything else.


By the way I’m going to write in English for some time.

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