Day 0: The Idea

Like I wrote on my first post it’s actually not that tough to get a million on your account if you cut costs everywhere, earn some money and make smart investments.

All it takes is a lot of time and a modest lifestyle.

At the moment I’m a student finishing my studies in about a year and  a half and luckily the odds to earn later some good money are clearly in my favour but still I’ll first have to cover my expenses and it will also take some time to pay my student loans and similiar things.

After all it will take quite a lot of time till my bank account begins to swell.

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The Cause

Today I stumbled over a poorly written article about “Who becomes a millionaire? In 5 easy steps to a million” at .

The steps which should make everyone rich are:

  1. Choose the right career
  2. Marry but only once
  3. Earn two incomes but live from one
  4. Make longterm investments
  5. Don’t live like a millionaire

To summarize them in short words: “Shit, everyone knows!”

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